Monthly Archives: February 2012

What a Thought Retire in 24 Months

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you knew for a fact that you would retire in 24 months.  It generates excitement for your future doesn’t it.  What would it be travel, start on that invention you’ve been thinking of for years, a lot more time with the family, or just find that serenity you’ve dreamed of for such a long time.  For me it would be the family time and just having time for myself would be awesome at this point in my life.

It feels as though we are all going to have to work well into our 70’s if not 80’s even for some people.  And so many of us have no where near enough coming on our SS to live on these days you’re lucky if you even make enough to pay the rent.  So we are all forced to look at working into our senior years.

For those of us who truly want to retire we have to look in other directions these days, investing in real estate if you have the cash to do that is great especially now with all the deals out there for investor’s, stock market which is pretty scary even in good times for the average Joe.  So where do we go well I’ve been searching now for quite a long time realizing it would likely be the internet.  It has such a wide range of opportunity especially with the social networking, everyone gets online for their answer’s to questions from buying, selling, medical, dating, and yes retiring you name it you can find something on everything on the net.

So to the internet I went, one it’s usually affordable but the question is does it work, well it will all likely work if you have the time and the money to put into it.  Which if you are working full time have a family a husband a home grandchildren you probably don’t have the time to put into it.  At least that is what I have found I just didn’t have the time or the money.  Until I came across this one program that is not time consuming it’s easy for anyone to do and it will get you retired in 24 months so long as you stick with it.

I am so looking forward to spending that much needed time with the family and enjoying my FREE time again.  See that beach I could go there anytime I wanted to once I retire in 24.