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What Do You Wish For?

What’s on your list?

It’s that time of year again. The last of the leaves are starting to fall, days are getting shorter. Everyone is putting together their wish lists, of things they want or future goals. But have you really taken the time to think about what you want? It’s hard for many of us to know what it is – exactly – that we want. In between the chaos of work, kids, relationships, is the house clean, did I pick up the milk? All of this stops us from realizing this isn’t what we want. Sure, its easy for us to just wish for a better – well – anything. But it takes real commitment and desire to change your life. To actually achieve what you want and more. For an example, just off the top of my head, I want a bigger house. Doesn’t everyone? To actually have space for the whole family. Of course, I know we do not need a bigger house, we are all perfectly happy in a smaller space. This is on my wish list more for my family than myself.

There is so much need everywhere we look.

So the real question is what would you love to do, if you had the means and time to achieve it? Would it be donations of money or your time to countries and people that we see advertised for the starving and sick? Or would it be to ensure education to those who are desperately needing and wanting it, or provide housing for the homeless, the list goes on. There is so much that you could do, isn’t there?

For me – right now – at this point in my life, it’s about being a Mom and a role model. I want my two children to know that they do not have to do what I did! Work for someone else everyday of every year and wake up one day and say to themselves what have I done?

There’s so much more to life than that.

I missed out on my children’s childhood because of the job I had working for someone else.  Speaking as a mother, this is absolutely heart breaking and the guilt – well – it just doesn’t go away. Even as I type this out it brings tears to my eyes. I know that I did what was needed during those years to help provide a good home, and put food on the table. It still to this day makes me sad that I missed so much during those years. I don’t want that for my children. They should have the freedom to be with their growing families and watch them grow into young adults and enjoy all life has to offer.

I want all Mother’s and Father’s to come to the realization that there is another option that can change your life.  Spend those precious minutes, hours, days, and years doing what You Want To Do!

Join me won’t you?

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What Do You Miss?

So Cool!

Just Look At That!  Doesn’ t it just ooze coolness.  I love the North West Ocean and the air that surrounds it. It’s invigorating to the mind, body and soul to just stand in it’s beauty.  I have and will always feel so refreshed after a walk on the beaches in the North West. I can hardly wait to get back there and walk the beaches again and dip my toes into that cool water, right now though it’s pretty icy cold actually.

So now how are you going to get yourself back to those beaches you ask? I know for sure it’s not going to be through my current job. It doesn’t pay enough to save for that, and it certainly doesn’t allow the time to go get the second job. That by the way would have to be FULL TIME in order to get the money to move back to the North West Beaches.

Yes It Really Looks Like This!

My sweet Daughter made a comment last night that is still in my head “IT’S JUST A PIECE OF PAPER” how is it that it has so much power?”  She was talking about money of course. She’s right though isn’t she how did we as a human race allow that to take over every aspect of our lives and our thoughts. It’s our human nature to help each other not just take, take, take isn’t that why we are superior to the Animal Kingdom? Because we are supposed to have the knowledge and the power to help others around us.  That’s how I am going to make it back to the North West Beaches, I am going to help others achieve. Achieve what ever they need or want to achieve. For myself it’s the freedom to live where I choose, and the freedom to spend the time I want with my family. And of course I want what 99.99% of the population wants and that’s financial freedom. Because that little piece of paper can also free you LOL.

Learn How To Leave This All Behind!

I would ask anyone who is sick and tired of answering to someone else’s beckon call day in and day out to join me in this revolution of the 9a.m.-5p.m. (which we all know is a crock there is no such thing) and create your own personal freedom what ever that might be.  Get out of this rat race, and create that piece of mind that “YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT YOU DO” and not someone else that probably doesn’t even know your name. I Want My Life Back Don’t You?

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