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What Inspires You?

“I believe that when you realize who you really are, you understand that nothing can stop you from becoming that person.”

– Christine Lincoln

A beautiful quote by one Christine Lincoln, an author from Baltimore who has endured more than most can handle. I found her quote written in a small, easy-to-digest book and thought, “This is inspirational, everyone should take this and keep it with them.” Like any of us who want to know a little more about something or other, I typed her name (and her thought) into Google search and found out about her life; present, past, future. I had stumbled upon a strong, never yielding woman who fought for her success. She is an inspiration to me! She is everything I strive to become! We all want to make our dreams and ambitions come true, to break down the barriers and push our way past the obstacles. To go beyond what we ever thought was possible! Christine Lincoln did just that, she had her mishaps – her demons – but through it all, she came out of it as a beautiful person. Which got me thinking, what aspects of my life do I want to change? What can I do to be a better person? A better daughter? A better mother? A better student, writer, artist, philosopher, a better me? What do you want to change?

What do you see?

Take a step back and look at everything! Your life; children, family, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, work, school, health, activities? What do you want to improve about yourself? Your mind, your body, your thoughts? Perspectives, faith, beliefs, wisdom, curiosity, needs, wants! Take a real look, are you happy? More importantly, do you love yourself? That is what I want, I want to love myself. I want to encompass myself and learn to love it all, from my head to my toes, to my body image all the way into my inner self. It’s a journey, no doubt about that. One that can test who we really are, making us go outside our comfortable little boxes and see a new world. Where to begin?

Get Out of Your Box!

There is much that is involved with who a person is, what makes us us! Does our chemical and organic properties make us who we are? Is it just simple biology? Is it our minds? Our minds are what drive us to do better, be better. Where will you start on your path to a better you?

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Retire in 24 Months What Would That Really Be Worth?

Really think about that if you knew for a fact that you would be able to Retire in 24 months how much would that be worth to you?

Think about that, and it wouldn’t matter if you were at the retirement age either you could be 18 years old, 25 years old, 40 years old or 70 years old literally at any age and retire in 24 months WOW!

Retire With Me in 24!

This really works I have only been taking the Natralean product for less than 5 days and I have lost 4lbs already and feel great none of those nasty side effects from “diets” or “pills”.  No Headaches, no rushes, and you’re not starving all day.  Check out this product there are 2 others that are just as healthy for you.

You could Travel anywhere you wanted to, go back to school, be with the family and friends ANYTHING YOU WANTED TOO.

You Could be Feeling as Though You Were on Top of The World!

I know for me it’s been a true blessing knowing that in 24 months times I WILL be able to retire myself.   My dream is to travel with the family we want to go all around the world.  And find a place big enough for all of us to live on some secluded beach somewhere in Hawaii where the soil is rich with nutrients and have time to grow that wonderful garden we all crave.

Great Gardening Tips for anyone.

What would your dream be?

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